Book Review: Wolf Hall

Wolf HallWolf Hall by Hilary Mantel

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I didn’t finish this book. Didn’t even come close. I enjoy history, great literature, and have a penchant for most things British, but just couldn’t break into this book. I think was the perspective of the storytelling that I just couldn’t get past. The story is told from a first person, at times sub-conscience level. It’s a unique perspective and at times realistically thrilling. Mantel does a fantastic job of staying consistent in this style, and the timing and feel/flow is very real. But I think it just required more attention and concentration that I was willing to afford.

This book was most enjoyed during long sessions, and was very distracting to pick-up/put-down willy-nilly. It requires your attention to thoroughly enjoy. Perhaps I’ll give it another go at a different time.

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