Welcome! You probably came here through a Google search which landed you on one of my articles. You then got curious and clicked on my header to learn more about me, and then eventually landed here. Well, here it is! [The crowd roars!] Is it what you expected? Don’t answer that.

This is simply my place to share technical knowledge, a forum where I get to shape your opinions on pop (or not-so-pop) culture, and a catch-all for any other self-publishing my ego requires. Here’s the breakdown:

Development —  Collection of articles and updates on the things I’m working on. Also contains valuable technical tidbits I glean from doing said projects.

Arts & Culture —  Here I give me take on books, music, movies, TV, foods, theater, and anything else I can experience outside of my work.

Writing Out Loud —  Everything else I think and write about.

Take a look around! Send me a message or say hello! Enjoy yourself and be good to one another.